Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is a stick up!

This is a stick up! Give me all your coffee!

Last night was a late night, because of a little thing called homework,
and another litthe thing called Resident Assistant Selection Carousel Night,
which went really well, but after two nights of it I am very glad that its done.

Anyways, remember that veiled project from my last post?

( If not please scroll down)

Well this is what it resulted in!

I printed my photos out on some vintage magazine pages.
It was fun looking for the perfect pages,
but not so fun trying to figure out which way I needed to load them into the printer.

Jeremy my partner/model works at a liqueur store
so I thought this page was a good fit.

And this one was also just to perfect

Before I sleep I would like to thank a few people.
My Mom and Dad for the huge boxes of old magazines they bought me,
which I will have till I die,
Jeremy for making some really nice faces and
being a good sport while I took pictures,
Larry for remember 9.75 when my brain couldn't
And last but not least Mary, for my fantastic new hair cut,
making its picture debut right here on........