Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its time to go, leave, plunge, set sail, go forth, head out, or in other words, embark.

Tomorrow I embark on my journey to Oregon! And yes, I am to excited to sleep which is why I am up putting this together.

In preparation for my journey I purchased some things,

1. A Red Hawaiian Air carry-on bag

2. A Kansas pride t-shirt

3. Sunglasses. Ok they weren't really a necessary purchase, but I've been driving my brother's gold 1978 Thunderbird around this week, and I needed some new shades to fit the T-bird persona that I take on when I drive it.

4. Bangles. Mostly an impulse purchase, but again to go with the T-bird persona.

I purchased the carry-on bag and bangles at the Antique store on Massachusetts St. For a grand total of $15.00. Not to shabby.

The Kansas pride t-shirt was $20.00 at ACME, also on Mass. They had quite a few other shirts to choose from, so if you are looking to express your love for kansas by wearing a t-shirt, do check it out.

The past few weeks have been glorious. I've slept more that I should have, enjoyed long afternoons drinking coffee or iced tea while reading for fun not just because I had to, and spent my evenings enjoying the company of good friends.

Thanks friends for a lovely start of the summer.

Kansas, I know I'll miss you dearly, but not the sticky hot part of summer. You know I've always hated that.

Oh, and Oregon, I'll see you tomorrow.

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