Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Oregon,

The trip to Oregon was quite uneventful until my flight to Medford which was on a pretty tiny plane.

Since my arrival in Ashland Oregon I have found myself pleasantly at home. I keep saying that Ashland is like a Lawrence that was picked up, dusted off a bit, dissected from KU, tucked into the mountains. Just take away the KU apparel stores and replace them with "ladies who lunch" kindof tourist shops and there you go!

There are deer that roam around down town snacking on the landscaping of the numerous bed and breakfasts.

I have gone to two farmers markets since being here. There is a "small" one on Saturday and a much larger one on tuesdays. So far my purchases have included loganberry jam, roasted almond organic pesto, some spinach, and a cheese spinach and tomato crepe.

In the evenings there are free Green shows before the Shakespeare Festival performances. My summer Co's and I went and took one in.

So this is the beginning of my Oregon adventure. Pretty tame, but there are already summer shenanigans in the works.

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